Monday, July 18, 2011

Head on over to my new Art blog!

We are finally settled in our new home (though I have now moved on to pretty-ing up the outside), and I have sat down and made some new goals and plans. Each year is different, things are always changing, and I feel myself headed down a new, exciting path. I have a big love of vintage items, creating art, and making unique accessories, so I thought I would combine them all and create a new website. Hip Heart Studio is my new website, and I will be selling from it, with payment available through Paypal. I am still on Etsy, but due to the onslaught of resellers (selling imported items and claiming they made them...when they are usually made in a factory in China...) I really want to transition to my own site. I hope you will enjoy it. I am also picking up on an old blog I had started, but got distracted from. If you like tips, coupons, sales, tutorials, and free clip art, head on over to Thrifty Artist. I will be posting something new each day....I PROMISE! Thanks for sticking with me. Let's enjoy this new path together.