Sunday, November 30, 2008

I'm Back!

We got back late last night from our trip to Wisconsin/Minnesota. Boy...after 3 hours of driving, 3 hrs of flying, and another 2 hours of driving, we were pretty worn out. We had such a nice time, and we were sad to go. Mom's cooking was so good, we were tempted to fill a suitcase with some leftovers and bring it home with us! LOL!
What I did bring home with me is a cold, and on top of that, I have a weeks worth of laundry to do and need to clean the whole house thoroughly. So, if I don't respond right away to emails, I will do my best....but I am in complete germaphobe OCD cleaning mode right now. I will be opening up both of my Etsy stores today (taking them off of vacation mode) and starting a Cyber Monday Christmas Sale tomorrow. Stop by to check out what kind of deals you can get while doing your Christmas shopping done online! Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. Oh, and for any family and friends we may have forgotten to tell, we are disconnecting our landline tomorrow and going strictly cell. So, if you need to reach us, remember to our cells instead. In the end, it will save us $300 a year!

Monday, November 24, 2008

There's no place like home...

I survived my first ever plane flight by myself, and for someone with anxiety disorder, am quite proud of it! My flight was fine, with the exception of the lady behind me who threw up twice. I immersed myself in Stephanie Meyer's new book " The Host" and tried to ignore the barfing and the turbulence. I got my baggage on my own, rented a car on my own, then drove to our friends Geoff & Molly's to crash there for the night. It was very kind of them to let me do so, and thanks again guys! It was lovely seeing them again and getting caught up on all the former friends and acquaintances we hadn't heard about. Their two girls are adorable!
The next morning, I drove to Marshfield, and the official body count on the drive was: 3 dead dear, 1 live one, 2 dead racoons, and one cat. I luckily didn't have any dear run directly in front of me. It is hunting season here, so you really have to keep your eyes peeled. The drive was beautiful, especially through Taylors Falls.
My parents informed me upon my arrival that there had been a small plane crash two streets back, that landed in someone back yard, burning their deck and exploding into flames. There were 3 people on board, and they haven't released their names yet. They didn't survive. We went and looked at the wreckage yesterday, and it was a horrible sight. They will probably release the names within the next day. My mother has always worried about the possibility of a plane crash because they are so close to the airport here, and people with small planes come over all the time.
Well, we are off to do some shopping today. There is a thin blanket of snow on the ground, and my car. I haven't seen snow in 3 yrs. It's weird. At least it actually FEELS like the holidays here. In Florida, the holidays are weird. Feels like Easter instead. Well, take care! I will update later. Have a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

On Vacation.....

I am officially declaring the start of my vacation as of midnight tonight. I went ahead and put both my Etsy stores in "vacation mode." That means no one can purchase anything during this time, and any convos sent will get an automated response. I won't be checking my emails or forums much during the next week, so if you try getting ahold of me and don't hear back right away...don't fret. I am looking forward to spending time with my parents and pigging out on pumpkin pie and turkey! Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving! I will check back in after the 30th. Take care!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's cold outside!

Here in Florida...believe it or not! We actually have a wind chill warning out tonight. With the temps and the windchill it will feel like a whopping 30 degrees. They warned us of hypothermia. Heck, 30 degrees is pretty warm in MN this time of year. Yup, we Floridans are a bunch of pansies.

I have been busy making jewelry, and plan to post it to Etsy tomorrow. I still have some more pieces to finish too. It helps me relax at least. I had more stress dreams last night. I have now started having the "teeth falling out and crumbling" dream. The funny thing was that all my molars were falling out and Rob was telling me they would all need crowns and gum surgery. I yelled out, "But I won't be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner!" Leave it to me to be worrying about my next meal in my sleep. What can I say...I love food. I think it loves me too...especially my thighs. Sigh.

Molly, I got your blog comment and may take you up on it. If you haven't read my response yet, it's there. I don't have your email, but I can either get Geoff's from Rob or you can contact me via my website . I can check with Rob to see if he has your phone number. Unfortunately, it looks like we will be in for some snow toward the end of our stay. Hope it doesn't delay our flight home. My poor kitties will be missing their momma by then!
Well, stay warm! I will check back tomorrow!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stress Dreams...

Well, I had another flying dream last night, but this one wasn't very pleasant, compared to the one I had last week. This time, in order to fly, I had this weird red balloon-like thing. It sort of resembled a parachute. I had to run really fast, jump into the air while getting wind under the red thing, and then kick my legs a bunch. I kept falling out of the sky, and it was very cloudy a spooky looking. After that dream, I dreamed about my upcoming trip. First, I forgot my plane ticket (completely forgot to check in when I got there) then couldn't find the plane. We stopped to check on the type of rental car I would have, and it was a humongous van that I was terrified to drive. After testing out the van (in which I couldn't even reach the pedals and crashed into something) I realized I had missed my plane altogether. I woke up at 8 am....tired.

Hopefully I will be able to relax a bit today. We are headed to the Pineapple Festival in Jensen Beach. We haven't been there before, so don't know what to expect. At least there will be some yummy fried food on hand. I feel an elephant ear craving coming on! I am also going to stop in at Barnes & Noble to get something to read on the plane.

I am getting released from my calling working as the secretary and personal progress person in Young Women's at church tomorrow. The bishop called last night to tell me. The are reorganizing everything, and I don't know if there will be something else they will call me to or not. With all the craziness that comes along with the holidays, I am a bit relieved. I will miss working with the gals though. It has been fun. Well, off to enjoy my Saturday. Hope you enjoy yours!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just checkin' in...

Sorry for the silence this week. A close family member has been going through a very difficult time and thus, blogging has been a very low priority. I am preparing for my trip up north next weekend to visit my parents and it will be my first time ever flying by myself. I wish there was a book out there as good as the Twilight series that would take my mind off the flight. Nothing scary or depressing. I need something lighthearted. Of course, the last time I flew, I had so much anxiety that I couldn't even concentrate on looking at a beading magazine. The slightest bit of turbulence sends me into a state of "we are all going to die" panic. After the flight, I have to rent a car and drive 3 hrs. to my parents. I have already decided that if it is snowing, there is no way in Hades that I am driving that night. I will have to get a hotel. It is supposed to be in the 30's when I get there. I haven't experienced much colder than 45 in a very long time, so that will be weird. I am shivering just thinking about it!
I will be closing both of my Etsy stores (putting them into vacation mode) while I am gone so that I don't have to worry about people not reading that I am out of town. So, if you REALLY need something, do so before the 22nd. I will not be back till late on the 30th.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Jewelry! Cupcake and Pea pod necklaces!

Here are three of the new pieces I just listed in my Etsy store. I am a bit attached to the large sterling disc one, but must find a home! Hope you enjoy them!

Sale is over....

The Pre- Holiday sale in my Embrace Bath & Body shop on Etsy is now over. Thanks to those who shopped with me over the last week. Hope everyone loves their goodies! I will be posting some new jewelry today...FINALLY! Check back in an itty bitty bit!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sale Extended a few below..

My Holiday Sale ends Monday, or until I change the prices back on Tuesday morning! LOL. I was going to stay up till midnight to change everything, but I am too tired. So...the prices will go back up Tuesday morning once I am fully awake and have had my hot chocolate. ( : Happy Shopping!
If you have been procrastinating putting in your order, today is the last day to get your 30% off! The sale ends at midnight, so you better hurry! Hope everyone has a great week!

I will also be listing new jewelry this week! I will give a sneak preview here!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

My Eyes, My Eyes!

Well, as of yesterday, I have developed yet another lovely my mascara. I have noticed some slight puffiness and itchiness the past week or so, and chalked it up to my normal hayfever which never seems to go away here in Florida. Too many things blooming all the time here. Go figure. My eyelash line itched a few days ago, but I had forgotten about that. Then yesterday evening, I got a hive on one eyelid right at bedtime, which turned into a swollen eyelid. As I started to remove my mascara, it started immediately on the other eye, even worse. I took a Zyrtec, and after an hour, there were getting worse. Rob is out of town and I thought for sure I was going to be stuck by myself in the house with my eyes swollen shut. I took a Benadryl and it helped more. They are still swollen this morning, but not as badly as last night. I will have to go sans eye makeup for a few days (GASP!) and will be searching for two brands I found online that are supposed to be okay for people with mascara allergies. I use waterproof usually, and have read that it may be an adhesive, colorant, or paraben that is causing it. Seeing as I also developed an allergy to bandaid adhesive this year, I am guessing it to be the adhesive in the mascara. The two brands I am on the look out for are Jane Iredale Pure Lash and Suncoat Natural Mascara. At least I know they sell Pure Lash at my dermatologist office. The price will be an issue I am sure. Darn my thin blonde, mishapen lashes! Darn them!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Lucid flying dreams.....

Every once in a great while, I have a flying dream. They happen maybe once a year if I am lucky, and mine occurred last night. It was so realistic, that when I woke up around 3 am to use the bathroom, I still believed I could fly. The funny thing was, in my dream, there was a secret phrase I had to say in my mind in order for me to take off. Only certain people knew the phrase. So, here it is, 3 am, and I am walking down the dark hallway to the bathroom, saying this phrase over and over in my head so I don't forget it. I was convinced that if I remembered it, I could fly when I woke up in the morning. How funny is that! I was quite sad when I awoke this morning to find that it was all a delusion. I always tell Rob that when I die, and pass to the other side, I hope that I can fly. If I could pick any cool new super power, that would be it. I mean, think of all the gas money I could save!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Embrace Bath & Body Holiday Sale!!!!

Sale starts Nov. 3rd and ends at midnight on have a WHOLE week!
Just what you have been waiting for! It is time to get a jump start on your holiday shopping, and Embrace Bath & Body is stocked and ready to supply you with great products that are a joy to give and receive. I will be out of town near the end of the month around Thanksgiving time, so I thought I would have the sale early. Some items I have more of, so if you need more than listed, just send me a convo via my store and let me know. I will check my inventory and add to it if needed. Thanks, and happy shopping!