Monday, November 24, 2008

There's no place like home...

I survived my first ever plane flight by myself, and for someone with anxiety disorder, am quite proud of it! My flight was fine, with the exception of the lady behind me who threw up twice. I immersed myself in Stephanie Meyer's new book " The Host" and tried to ignore the barfing and the turbulence. I got my baggage on my own, rented a car on my own, then drove to our friends Geoff & Molly's to crash there for the night. It was very kind of them to let me do so, and thanks again guys! It was lovely seeing them again and getting caught up on all the former friends and acquaintances we hadn't heard about. Their two girls are adorable!
The next morning, I drove to Marshfield, and the official body count on the drive was: 3 dead dear, 1 live one, 2 dead racoons, and one cat. I luckily didn't have any dear run directly in front of me. It is hunting season here, so you really have to keep your eyes peeled. The drive was beautiful, especially through Taylors Falls.
My parents informed me upon my arrival that there had been a small plane crash two streets back, that landed in someone back yard, burning their deck and exploding into flames. There were 3 people on board, and they haven't released their names yet. They didn't survive. We went and looked at the wreckage yesterday, and it was a horrible sight. They will probably release the names within the next day. My mother has always worried about the possibility of a plane crash because they are so close to the airport here, and people with small planes come over all the time.
Well, we are off to do some shopping today. There is a thin blanket of snow on the ground, and my car. I haven't seen snow in 3 yrs. It's weird. At least it actually FEELS like the holidays here. In Florida, the holidays are weird. Feels like Easter instead. Well, take care! I will update later. Have a great Thanksgiving!

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