Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's cold outside!

Here in Florida...believe it or not! We actually have a wind chill warning out tonight. With the temps and the windchill it will feel like a whopping 30 degrees. They warned us of hypothermia. Heck, 30 degrees is pretty warm in MN this time of year. Yup, we Floridans are a bunch of pansies.

I have been busy making jewelry, and plan to post it to Etsy tomorrow. I still have some more pieces to finish too. It helps me relax at least. I had more stress dreams last night. I have now started having the "teeth falling out and crumbling" dream. The funny thing was that all my molars were falling out and Rob was telling me they would all need crowns and gum surgery. I yelled out, "But I won't be able to eat Thanksgiving dinner!" Leave it to me to be worrying about my next meal in my sleep. What can I say...I love food. I think it loves me too...especially my thighs. Sigh.

Molly, I got your blog comment and may take you up on it. If you haven't read my response yet, it's there. I don't have your email, but I can either get Geoff's from Rob or you can contact me via my website www.theroyalbead.com . I can check with Rob to see if he has your phone number. Unfortunately, it looks like we will be in for some snow toward the end of our stay. Hope it doesn't delay our flight home. My poor kitties will be missing their momma by then!
Well, stay warm! I will check back tomorrow!

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