Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back from Orlando

Well, our trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom didn't go as planned, but we found other things to do. There are never any issues with being bored in the Orlando area. My husband had a business meeting on Friday. It rained all the way there, and at times, we couldn't see very much at all. The temperatures dropped so low the weatherman was threatening us with snow flurries, so it was at that point we decided against Disney. Instead, we went to the Orlando Museum of Art, which was sadly a LOT smaller than my favorite back in MN...The Minneapolis Museum of Art. There was a special event going on called Arts Fest, so it was free. In the auditorium, a "bird's of prey" rescue from Maitland had a bald eagle, an owl, and a falcon to meet. I say "meet" because we were able to go pretty close to these beautiful creatures and they looked us right in the eye. They were tethered and out in the open. It was a really cool experience. Outside the museum, there was a lovely park. I was able to get a great snapshot of what is believed to be the oldest oak tree in Orlando. It is named "The Mayor" and is said to be at least 225 yrs. old! After that, we went to a huge outlet mall and walked around until my feet were very sore. While there, we stopped at another display with a 4 yr. old alligator. I was able to run my hand along his scaly back and rub his belly. His mouth was bound, of course. Rob actually held him. Later that night we went out to eat, then headed to Downtown Disney to walk around. We shared a decadent chocolate sundae at the Ghirhadelli cafe. So, that about sums up our weekend. Here is the picture I took of that beautiful tree. Hope you like it, and hope you had a great weekend!

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Brandon and Cari (Sellers) Murdock said...

i LOVE the pic of the tree!!! don't laugh, but it actually was the inspiration behind my latest piece of artwork (for class). i'll have to send you a pic of it. anyway, great pic!