Thursday, July 23, 2009

I have been to Narnia and back.

Yesterday night I decided to start on organizing and cleaning out the closet in my office/work room. It had grown out of control and had spilled out onto my work table. There wasn't an open spot. One could get lost in there...possibly end up in Narnia! Every time I would sit down to create something, I would cringe, not knowing where I would even put the finished product. When you are a painter, space fills up around the house pretty quickly. My finished jewelry all fits nicely into neat containers. But canvases.....they were filling up every closet. I had started hanging finished pieces on our walls, even though they most certainly didn't go with the decor.
So, I began the process of parting with all my crap. I have realized that I am an office supply hoarder. I have more Sharpie pens than I know what to do with. I found the missing giant rubber band ball. I found a sheet of the first business cards I ever designed and printed up when I first started making jewelry about 7 yrs. ago. They were horribly silly looking and I nearly wet myself laughing.
The closet project finally wound up today around 3 pm. My work table is completely open, the closet has plenty of space for all my canvases, and now I can finally create without feeling guilty about neglecting my home office.
I can hardly believe tomorrow is Thursday already. Have any plans for the weekend? It's my turn to pick the restaurant for Sat., so I am already pondering my options. Have a good one!

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