Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Today I have been thinking about how difficult it is in this day and age to "recharge." I often find myself being pulled to and fro...from one task to another...usually not by choice. This morning, for example, I realized my cell phone needed to be recharged, as its battery was getting low. However, I had had to unplug it to use it again so many times, that it has barely had time to do so. I feel like this myself sometimes. I guess the only way for us to make sure we are able to get "recharged" is to find our priorities, learn to plan ahead, and learn or practice saying "no" when we feel overwhelmed. I like to make lists of all my tasks for a day or sometimes a week. I can then mentally work out what absolutely HAS to be taken care of, and what can be squeezed in during whatever down time I have. If I have some spare time, I can look at the list and find something I may have forgotten to do.
By doing this, we will know when we can enjoy some down time, without interruption, so we can fully recharge...at least until the next task drops in our laps. I used my down time this morning to catch up on my blog and get ahead on some laundry. That way, I should have time to create this afternoon.
Hope you have a wonderful day, and find some time to recharge this week!


Heather said...

I find I always work better with a clean house! Otherwise...too much to distract me!

Kitties & Cupcakes said...

I feel the same way Heather. I am a major clean freak, type A personality though, so I can always find something to clean. LOL. That's where I have to say no to myself sometimes. Otherwise, I would never get around to creating.