Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Etsy sellers...what do YOU think?

I am leaning more and more towards spending most of my time creating 2d works of art...paintings, illustrations, collages, etc. I am not giving up jewelry making altogether, just cutting back and taking a little break. I keep thinking that I should open a new Etsy store for just my artwork, and leave The Royal Bead to be strictly jewelry. The only problem is that I currently have over 1600 people who have added my store as a "favorite." I would be starting from the ground up on the next one, and possibly confusing some previous customers. I can't decide what to do. I just don't think things "mesh" right now. Any thoughts? Have any of you done this? I am not getting hordes of sales in my Royal Bead store right now anyway, so maybe the favorites thing wouldn't matter. Hmmmmm.
I would love to hear any opinions. I would of course put a link to my other Etsy shop at the top of the jewelry store announcement. Hopefully people would see it.
Hmmmmm.....decisions, decisions.

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