Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Welcome Autumn! Buh-Bye Summer!

Today is the first day of fall, and yesterday was thankfully the last day of summer. Fall is my favorite time of year, though sadly, I don't get to experience the best parts of it anymore. There really isn't a Fall in Florida. I kind of have to just feel it in my heart, if that makes sense. I love seeing all the fall decor, remembering the smell of the leaves, and all the spooky fun revolving around Halloween. I love pumpkin ANYTHING, hot apple cider, pretty knitted scarves, and chilly breezes.
Since it is much too warm here still, I tried to get into the spirit by getting a coffee-free Pumpkin Frappuccino from Starbucks yesterday. It helped a little. We will continue to have 90 degree weather and high humidity for a while yet. It is this time of year that I miss Minnesota most.
How was everyone's weekend? Any new projects you're working on? I am trying to finish a mixed-media painting to submit to Sommerset Studio for their Alice In Wonderland challenge. If I am blessed to be accepted, it would be published in March of 2010, when the Tim Burton movie comes out. That would be super exciting for me! I haven't submitted anything to a magazine before, so I thought I would challenge myself to work on doing so. Well, off to run some errands and get back to my artwork. Have a lovely Tuesday!

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