Monday, August 31, 2009

My pillow calls to me...

I am turning in early tonight to try to make up for the lack of sleep I had Sunday night. I have no clock in my office (I usually just look at the computer, but it was turned off for the night), and I accidentally stayed up till 2 am drawing. I got up to go get a drink in the kitchen and gasped when I looked at the clock the stove. By the time I actually fell asleep, it was 2:30, and I woke at 7am. It hasn't caught up with me yet, but it will. I got absorbed in two new illustrations. I finished them, but need to scan them in and digitally color them in Photoshop. I'm excited to share them!
I hope everyone had a good weekend. Ours went well, with the exception of me tripping and falling in the kitchen...nearly landing on my face. Luckily, the fridge "caught" me. I had two big scratches on each arm and nearly broke my toe. I am very skilled at tripping on things.
Well, chat with you tomorrow! I will stop in and post some new stuff then. Take care!

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