Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Last minute craziness. Lots of it.

I still haven't taken pics of my new paintings. I was asked last minute on Sunday night (9pm) to pet sit for someone across town, whose pet sitter had canceled on her the night before she was going out of town. She was leaving at 5 am the next day, so I said yes, know she wouldn't find anyone else. She is a friend of ours, so I was glad to help, but I am not good with dogs. My first time over there on Monday was horrific. The larger dog had thrown up all over (large amount) and had diarrhea all over. The cat had also thrown up. The little chihuahau had walked through the mess. I was there for 2 hours cleaning. Luckily, the next day the dog was better, and things have gone smoother since. I have been going over a few times a day, and it's been taking up a bit of my time. My internet "presence" went on vacation, but I am still here.
My birthday is tomorrow, and I have one last morning stop to take care of the pets. Then.....I am going to spend some ME time. I haven't really had any this week. I have laundry baskets of clothes waiting to be folded, and new laundry to be done. The house needs cleaning again, and I need to prepare my Sunday school lesson for this weekend.
So, if I remain silent a few days longer...I am around...just recouping! Take care!


Kayla said...

Your ordeal with the dogs sounds HORRIFYING! I can't believe you had to spend hours at the house cleaning puke! YUCK!

Lori said...

Yeah, it was pretty gross. I have a weak stomach and nearly threw up. It was way grosser than anything I encountered the 2 yrs. I worked at a daycare. LOL