Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vampire Fairy Painting & Print

So I started this painting the other day, and after painting her eyebrow, she took on a really sinister look. I liked it! The more collage elements I added, the more a story line started to develop. Then, I found the text from some vintage children's books. The story was finished. She just HAD to be a vampire fairy. I just listed this print in my Etsy store, and here is the story that I included:
There's a legend of handsome young lads disappearing in the dark, mysterious Welsh forests of Snowdon. One such lad was exploring the forest. As the evening descended, he heard entrancing music coming from deep in the woods. He followed the sound, and as he approached the source, he was astounded to find her there. She was beautiful. Her pale, perfect skin looked almost alabaster against her silky raven hair. She had glistening green wings that pushed delicately against the wind. The most beautiful song he had ever heard came softly from her deep red lips. He had never seen anything like her before and was intrigued...yet frightened.
"Who are you, strange-looking thing?" he asked.
"Come with me, and I will show you." she replied.
Like many others, he was never seen, or heard from again.

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