Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New rules according to Lori...

Okay, here's a little bloggie game to spread some smile around. August has been a bit of a dismal month for me, so I need a good laugh.
I will start with a few of the "new rules according to me" and would love to have you guys comment and add on some "new rules according to YOU!"
1. There shall be NO pimples after 30. We've done our time. I would much rather have my teenage energy back than my teenage skin.

2. Chocolate shall become it's own food group and take its place at the top of the food pyramid, where it belongs.

3. All men shall be required to find hobbies that don't involve watching TV or surfing the internet.

4. Cats are fact...smarter than we think! They should clean their OWN litter box.

Your turn! Add some comments and pass along a funny!

1 comment:

Jill Piteo said...

I can't think of any new rules right I am going to adopt yours because I totally agree with all of them! Very funny!

Wait..wait...I have one. If I cook dinner, I shall hold all those who eat my dinner responsible for cleaning the kitchen to a spotless shine. That would be awesome! :)