Monday, March 15, 2010

Introducing Yee Kwan of The Glass Turtle.....

I've known Yee for a few years, and met her via an online forum for glass bead artists (lampworkers) and jewelry designers. Some of you may remember that I made lampwork beads for 4 yrs. before moving down to Florida. She does lovely work, is a nice person, and deserves some bloggie-love! Here's a short bio from her:
"About me.....

I was always somewhat artistically inclined (at least I like to think so!). Grew up playing the piano, flute, and cello. Teachers in highschool thought I should have tried to get an art degree but my parents (typical Asian parents) would have disowned me on the spot!!

Took a very long, winding detour but finally got back into artsy things when I started making custom handbags. I first came across lampworking when I was looking for enhancements for my bags. I was really looking for unique zipperpulls and in my searches came across a lampwork beadmaker. I was intrigued! After much research I thought "I can do this!" and that's how it started. I got a HH, cleared a little place in the garage and it wasn't long before I moved on to a "real" torch and was collecting glass just like the pros

I've been at the torch for just over 5 years now and am constantly discovering new things. I think my style has changed a whole bunch. Mostly I think I was "known" for floral pressed beads but recently have moved away from that and am trying to my hand in more organic stuff. I don't have much time for glass these days in between school and working as an ICU nurse.

Hubby fully supports my hobby and even converted the pantry in our house to a very mini studio so I can torch year round. I currently work on a Cricket on household NG powered by a Regalia. Am hoping that my Scorpion will be ready sometime this month

Pictures of beads are readily available on my website ( and pics of the studio are available on my blog (

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