Thursday, March 4, 2010

Paintings starting on Ebay tonight!

Hey there, it's been a quiet week on my blog, which usually means it's been a "noisy" week in my life. Lots of stuff going on! I have no idea where the week has gone, but it seemed to fly by. My back went out on Sunday and was very painful for a few days. I did some logo work. I just finished teaching a private art lesson and that was really enjoyable. I've been working on an owl collage this week that took much longer than expected. I finished it this afternoon and will try to get a pic available tomorrow. It will be headed into my Etsy store. In the mean time, my 2 newest Alice in Wonderland paintings are hitting Ebay late tonight and will end next Thursday. I also adding the painting below (a few posts down) of the gal holding the bird nest.
Well, I hope everyone had a good week. I hope to get more made next week! Have a super weekend!

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