Sunday, March 7, 2010

Monkey Jungle

This weekend, we headed to Miami. My husband really wanted to go to Monkey Jungle and we had a great time there. Basically, it is more like you are in a cage, and the monkeys have acres and acres to roam freely. You can feed them via little pails that they pull up with a chain through the fenced roof. They also had some members of the ape family, whom we found very amusing. The rest of our Miami trip consisted of driving around getting lost (our GPS kept giving us messed up directions and telling us to do U-turns), dealing with huge noisy crowds, honking drivers, and a pack of dudes on motorcycles going at least 150 mph on the interstate like a bunch of crazies. Um....just a little stressful. I'm sorry Miami, but I am just not a fan. There is also a big homeless problem there. A lot of the crime involving gangs and drugs is making its way up the coast to our town.
This week I am working on a painting of the Mad Hatter. I would love to finish him up over the next few days and get him listed on Ebay. We weren't able to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie yet, but hope to go this weekend. Have a great week!

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Miss Val's Creations said...

Monkey Jungle sounds like tons of fun! It is so sad seeing wealthy cities like Miami with the problems they have.
Enjoy Alice in Wonderland! It is a trip! The showings sold out quickly in my area this past weekend but we still managed to get tickets.