Thursday, January 15, 2009

The fog has cleared...

Love....true love

I had a lovely cold at the beginning of the week, but am feeling much better now. Most of the computer stuff is straightened out, but now our printer is acting up. It keeps saying our black ink is low, even though we just put a new cartridge in last week. It did that the week before, and we thought it was a faulty ink cartridge, but I think we just have a faulty printer.

I have been dreaming about food all week. Two nights ago, I dreamed I was in a bakery with all kinds of cupcakes. Last night, I dreamt of the Black Tie Mousse pie from Olive Garden. I had some for the first time last Sat., and I am in love. I may just have to bake something to satisfy my sweet tooth. It's pretty bad when I start dreaming about desserts. Funny thing is, I slept the best last night than I have in a LONG time. I have an undiagnosed sleeping disorder, and usually wake up at least 5 times or more a night and feel completely wiped out in the morning. I guess I will just try to think about pie before I fall asleep.

I just listed a few budget friendly jewelry items in my Etsy store, and hope to have some more pieces ready next week. Hope everyone has a nice weekend....and if by chance you are going to Olive Garden, have a slice of that pie for me!

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