Monday, January 12, 2009

Technical Difficulties...

Sorry I have been non-existent the past few days. I have been busy repairing my computer after some nasty virus disabled all my McAfee program and other virus removal programs. It then took over my desktop and it got to the point I couldn't even go on the internet. So, we did a clean install to get rid of it. Dealing with that took about 6 hours yesterday, and now today I am busy reinstalling my software, printer, camera, etc. It is all better now thank goodness, but what a waste of my time.
So, if I don't respond right away to emails, I am lost in computer translation and awaiting several very long installations.
I have been super stressed lately, and it almost led to me buying a kickin' pair of candy red pumps today. They called to me from the shelf of the shoe store I stopped in at on the way home. They were GORGEOUS, and shiny, and sexy....everything a red shoe should be. And they were Anne Klein. Need I say more? I have absolutely nothing to go with them. Nothing. I admired them on my feet and carefully placed them back on the shelf. It was a nice break to admire some sweet shoes and get my mind off this stupid computer mess. Oh well, back to work...and laundry...and cleaning....the cat box. I suppose I could have worn the shoes while I cleaned the cat box. Maybe it would have seemed more glamorous then. I bet the celebrities in Hollywood clean their cat boxes in sexy shoes. Oh wait....they pay someone else to clean their cat boxes. (Sigh.)

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