Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I think I shall create today....

Yup, today's the day. I have most of the day to work on some stuff FINALLY. I want to paint and start some jewelry. I got some really cool round canvases in and I want to do a set of 6 circles. I just don't know what to do with them yet.
Today is the last day for blogger DJGROZ to respond with their info so I can mail their cupcake earrings. If I haven't heard from this person by 9 pm tonight, I will be picking someone else.
I am still doing well with my diet. It has been two weeks since I ate a candy bar. I probably used to polish off at least 4 a week. I also cut juice out of my diet. I have been eating salads for lunch instead of lunch meat. For snacks I have been eating apples, yogurt and whole grain cereals.
I went to the doctor the day before yesterday regarding my thyroid, and had my blood work done yesterday. He said more than likely they will be raising my medication amount. I have a strong feeling that my levels are off and that is what is causing the weight gain and hair loss, among other things.
I hope everyone has a happy, healthy, safe day and the energy they need to accomplish what is set before them. See ya soon ~Lori

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