Monday, November 2, 2009

November is here! Hooray!

I am very much looking forward to cooler weather, which hasn't arrived yet in FL. It is still near 90. I am actually enjoying the time change. I seem to have more energy, and am waking up an hour earlier on my own. I got more done this morning, and was actually awake to do it!
I spent Sunday afternoon and into the evening sorting through 2 boxes of photos and old mementos. It took a long time to get everything organized into albums, mainly because I had to stop and reminisce and have a good laugh at most of the photos. I also found a packet of old family pics from my mother's side of the family that I had used for a family tree project in college. I will be giving them back to her, so I did some scans for my personal collection. I found one particularly lovely picture of my grandmother from when she was a young woman, and decided to spice it up in Photoshop. It had some defects and spots from age, so I fixed those, added a touch of color, and an antique looking worn finish to the edges. Here's the final pic! I plan to send a copy to my mother too, of course! Have a lovely Monday!

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