Sunday, May 9, 2010

Crazy weekend....

This weekend has been...shall we say..."interesting." Last week, the front of our Mustang got damaged when a semi-truck kicked up a blown out tire at it. I had to take it to the dealership for body work. Thank goodness for insurance! So, they gave me a rental car...a Chrysler 300. Let me tell you...I think they should be recalled. On Sat., we had an appt. at 10 am in Orlando (a two hour drive away). We left in the rental car and shortly after getting onto the highway, we heard a horrible noise coming from the bottom of the car. I had to quickly pull off. A huge panel had dislodged from the bottom of the car and was dragging on the road. The pull had loosened the entire front bumper. If it had come all the way off, we could have had an accident, or cause someone else to. So, that had to get fixed. We had to take our Honda instead. Today, I hit a squirrel on the way to church. It was my first non-bird road kill. I cried. I think the rental car is evil, at this point.
So, this afternoon after church, I took a nap. After all the craziness, I figured I deserved one. Tomorrow is a new that will hopefully bring no more car problems. It could be parents got snow this weekend ( in the middle of May! Crazy, huh?) and nearly hit a black bear while out driving today.
Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day. I am just a fur-baby momma, but I did get some snuggle time with the kitties today. ( :

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