Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am completely confused at how some people do it. I tell myself every week, that this week, I will get at least 3 small paintings done. It is Thursday, almost noon, and I haven't had ANY time to paint this week. No matter what I do, stuff keeps happening to prevent me from having the time to do so. Between running errands, doing ALL the housework, cooking, making phone calls, keeping up with church stuff, keeping up with social networks (which are a must these days to get your work noticed), listings for Ebay & Etsy, car repairs, and more things than I could possibly list...I just don't have the time. I these other people who do manage to get 3 or sometimes up to 7 paintings done in a week do any housework? Do they have assistants? Are they speed painters? Do they sleep? Cook? Does anyone have an answer? I just had to get that off my chest. I have been feeling overwhelmed lately, and feel like there are many things I need to be doing to further myself in my art career, but just can't.
Well, maybe someday I will have a room I can paint in at night when I should be sleeping. I think that is the only time I will have. Right now, my studio is the kitchen, so any lights or noises (we have a ranch style house) keep hubby up.
I had better go hop in the shower. It is nearly noon and I have spent all morning doing laundry, cleaning, and preparing a slow-cooker dish for tonight. After lunch I will have about 2 hrs. till my art lesson student comes, then husband will be home for supper. I think I need a chocolate bar....

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