Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Upcoming vacation

This month has flown by! Heck, before you know will be Christmas again! ( : Gosh, I hope it doesn't go by that fast. I just wanted to let my customers know that from May 27th - June 6th, my Etsy stores will be in "vacation mode" and I will not be listing anything new on Ebay until after June 6th. I realized this week, that listing anything now, would have them ending when I would be gone. I am looking forward to visiting with my parents. So, if there's anything in my Etsy stores that you've been procrastinating buying, if you want it soon...better snag it now!
I am still working on the "rework" of the painting I started over on (with a much better canvas surface) and am nearly done. I think I may finish today. I usually start painting in the afternoon, but am tempted to just stay in my pajamas and start painting this morning! I will post a pic as soon as it is done. Hope everyone is having a good week!


Brandon and Cari (Sellers) Murdock said...

so, when are y'all coming to visit us?!? :) seriously, though, we'd LOVE to have y'all come up here!

Kitties & Cupcakes said...

It would be a welcome escape from the swarming love bugs. I am not leaving the house today, it's so bad! I don't think we could pull the cost of flights though. It stinks that Rob doesn't get any paid vacation time. Oh, I took the test, and "nothing." ) :