Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh, for cryin' out loud!

So far, Tuesday hasn't been the greatest. I didn't sleep well last night, had nightmares, and was awoken at 5 am to my cat licking her feet very loudly. Can you tell I am a very light sleeper? I had to get up and get around to take the Civic in to get new tires and an alignment this morning. Rob had made the appt. himself, yet forgot and took the Civic to work, clear on the other side of town. I discovered this 15 minutes before our appt., so I had to reschedule for tomorrow.
Yesterday I worked on some jewelry and ordered more supplies. I have bits and pieces, but not enough to complete the projects I have in mind. I have two paintings to share now. I didn't get pics yesterday because I was too busy.
We are headed to Key West this weekend, and I am looking forward to seeing the Ernest Hemingway House, mainly for the cats. ( : We plan on doing a glass bottom boat ride, taking the trolley tour, eating some delicious food, some shopping, and who knows what else. The weather is supposed to be nice thank goodness. It involves a lot of walking when you go there.
Well, I need to finish some jewelry and work on some other stuff. I would really like to be working on a nap! I will check back in next time with pics!

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Anonymous said...

Those cats! Hope you can squeeze in a nap today! Have fun at Key West! We went there once and the cats at the Hemingway House are adorable. I was trying to figure out how to smuggle one out in my purse!