Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy as a Bee...

Tuesday is almost over, and I haven't made anything this week. I have been busy with housework, chores, errands, church stuff, and arranging to get our kitchen faucet/sink fixed. Last night after supper, it sprang a leak and sprayed me from head to toe. It is now leaking under the sink too, and our landlords are coming over later tonight to see if they can fix it. I sure hope so. Not having a kitchen sink to use is a major pain. I can't cook since I can't wash dishes, so Rob is going to bring some Chinese take out home and we will eat on paper plates.
I just got back from Target and stocked up on hand sanitizer, for obvious reasons. I am worried about this swine flu, especially since my husband is a dentist and is working in people's mouths all day. I am also worried about my friend and her husband & baby who are in Mexico. She left a week before this made the news and is supposed to be in Mexico for a month. She is pretty close to Mexico City, and I am worried she may get ill, or not be allowed back into the country. Her baby is going to be 1 yr. old in August. If you pray, could you keep her in your prayers? Her name is Cristina.
Well, off to get some more stuff done. I am courting a few places to sell consignment right now, and things will most likely get busier for me soon. Enjoy the rest of your week. If you don't hear from me, I am busy creating and cleaning the house. What I wouldn't do for a maid some days!

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