Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Back from vacation!

Hey everyone! I hope you haven't forgotten about me during my 10 day silence. ( ;
I returned from my Minnesota/Wisconsin trip to visit my parents tonight, and am finally settling down to catch up on my online stuff after 3 hours of cleaning and unpacking. Tomorrow is never ending laundry day. I am sure you can relate!
I had a wonderful time visiting with my parents and miss them already. I appreciate Marshfield more now that I don't get to visit very often. I ran into an old school mate I had been thinking of, and that was neat. My mom and I visited a few thrift stores and antique shops in search of some cool craft/art items. I went to The Bead Monkey in St. Paul, and got to hang out on Grand Ave. for a short while. One day we took a day trip to Minocqua, Wisconsin, which is beautiful. It was sunny and perfect out. Rob and I met up on the weekend before our flight back, had supper with my parents, then walked around the Mall of America until my feet were about ready to fall off. We bought nothing, but sampled a lot of chocolate.
Well, I am tired and ready for bed....and also have some kitties who are in dire need of attention. Rob is snuggling Tiny right now, and she is purring sooooo loud! ( :
Thanks for stopping in! Tomorrow is back to work! Painting and jewelry creating resume!

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funky bag freak said...

Welcome home sweetie, missed you!