Thursday, June 4, 2009


Just making one last post before my vacation starts. I will be around on Friday, but busy cleaning the house, picking up a rental car, and making last minute preparations.

I have decided to leave my Etsy store OPEN for shopping, with announcements plastered all over that I will not be shipping anything until after I return. Shipping will resume on June 16th. I will be checking my email and convos when I get time, but it won't be as frequently as usual.

I will be working on more new jewelry, paintings, and prints when I return. It is hard to take a break from my creating, so I plan to do some sketching on the plane and look for some cool vintage papers and jewelry stuff at some thrift stores near my parents.

Well, back to kitty proofing my house! Bored, lonely kitties find all sorts of ways to get into trouble. We have a pet sitter who comes once a day, but I feel bad for leaving them. My furkids will miss their momma, and I, them.

Have a great week, and please stop in again around the 16th!

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