Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who pushed the mute button?

Oops, that was my fault. Still busy finishing up a large jewelry order to send off to a gallery. I have been waking up early and trying to get all my housework done as fast as possible to make more time for creating. I am really missing painting. I had so many ideas before my vacation, and it has been hard pushing them into the nether regions of my brain for later use. I keep collecting cool papers in the mean time. I am loving mixed media work. I have some shadow boxes to use and have so many ideas for them I can't decide. I am doing odd things, like staying up late and surfing for vintage German doll heads on Ebay...old skeleton keys...paper cut outs...vintage ads. Too much fun!
I do hope to share a pic of my finished jewelry before I ship it off. I will have some new stuff to add to my Etsy store soon also. Well, off to bed, so I can wake up early and start all over again. Hope mother nature sends some sunshine your way! I know I could use some!

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