Thursday, June 19, 2008

I just saved myself a bundle...

I went to a salon and had my hair highlighted about 2 months ago, and my roots were starting to get an attitude of their own. To get a whole highlight around town here can run you anywhere from $80 and up. Well, with the suggestion of my mother and my friend Cari ( who also had hoped she would turn out blonder the last time she got highlights at a salon) I took a risk and highlighted my own hair at home. I used a Frosting kit by L'oreal in a color called Champagne. I picked this one because it came with a toner, in case you are one of those people who end up with red tones when you try to go lighter.
It came with one of those goofy caps that you have to pull your hair through....which seemed to take forever, and caused me to call the cap a few not so pretty names. I feared for my, hair...and it actually turned out. I was worried I was gonna have to make a run to the store and dye it brown if it didn't turn out.
The kit costed $10.99 at Target. So, I saved myself at least $70. Here is a pic of the final results. Man, the more pics I see of myself, the more I hate my nose.

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