Monday, June 30, 2008

The man with the stomach of steel...

Rob can no longer be known as "The Stomach of Steel," as I have referred to him ever since our first visits to Mexico early in our marriage....where he drank the water we weren't supposed too, ate whatever he wanted while we were there, and never got sick. Last night he finally learned that it probably isn't such a good idea to order his steaks "rare." To me, "rare" is just a fancy way of saying "food poisoning." He came home early from church and is finally feeling better.
Random things that happened today...
Someone forgot to buy bread for sacrament meeting at church. It threw everyone for a loop and they had the speakers give their talks while someone went on a mission to find some bread.
The first adult speaker had the topic of "Being Prepared." You can bet I had to hold back the giggles on that one.
Last random thing of the day...Cari and I worked on a whirly, twirly, whack-ah-mah-doo for her friends wedding cake topper. She posted a pic on her blog. The gal is getting married on the 4th of July, so its fire-cracker-esque design outta be perfect.
Hope everyone had a nice start to the week. We are still having lightening storms nearly every day.

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