Sunday, October 5, 2008

I just ate shark....

It is with great sadness, that I report that all the the addictive chocolate cake is gone. Rob and I both polished it off for breakfast this morning. Healthy, eh? I always tell the teens at church that being an adult is stressful and requires a lot of responsibility, but the best part is...I can eat cake for breakfast. No one can tell me not to!

So, tonight we tried something new. Shark was on sale at the grocery this week ($4.99 a pound), so after much discussion and a little bit of arguing and face making, Rob talked me into it. I prepared it tonight. I am not hugely into seafood, but have been known to enjoy a little haddock or deep fried calamari from time to time. Shark was uncharted territory. As I was frying it up in the skillet, it occurred to me that there was a slim possibility that this shark I was eating could have eaten a human. I gagged a little. It actually looked really yummy after I fried it. I served it with some mashed sweet potatoes, which ended up becoming our main dish. Unfortunately, the shark just didn't taste good. It looked like chicken, but was sort of rubbery. It didn't really taste like fish, more like bitter chicken. We tried putting mayonnaise on it to hide the taste. It didn't work. Next we tried lemon juice. Nada. Finally, Rob...who eats just about anything, conceded that it was just too gross to eat, and we should never bother with it again.

Thank goodness! It had become disgusting for me as soon as the thought of me eating something that could have eaten a person crept into my mind. Far fetched...I know. Sometimes I really have to try my hardest to not think about what I am eating...unless its chocolate cake!

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