Monday, October 13, 2008

Ny new "DO"

The humidity, hard water, and busy lifestyle I have been up against have taken a toll on my hair, so I broke down and went and got it cut today. I was growing it out, but the ends got to looking so disgusting. Long hair with frizzy split ends is not very nice looking, and I would rather have short, healthy looking hair. I told the lady I wanted it similar to Victoria Beckham's newest bob hair cut, except not as layered in the front. So, if you imagine this haircut, with no "bangs" or shorter wisps in the front, this is what it looks like. My hair is dark blonde/light brown though. I am going to be selling at the farmer's market in Ft. Pierce and Vero Beach, and seriously didn't want to deal with bad hair. I have to get up very early to do the market and need a streamlined morning. Maybe I will snap some pics of my own hair tomorrow.

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