Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Sterling Silver Cupcake Earrings...

In case anyone missed out on the last pair, I just listed 2 new pairs of cupcake earrings in my Etsy store today. I finally finished my large wholesale order as of 6:30 pm tonight, so now I will move on to taking care of more pieces for my store, and working on lip balms and tints that are low on stock. I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween already. I have a really hideous witch wig around here somewhere, and I teased Rob that I was going to wear it out to eat tomorrow night. Instead of looking like a witch though, I am would probably look like that girl from The Ring, since I am so short. LOL!
Well, have fun tomorrow. Be watchful for children running around in the dark, and don't eat too much candy! ....yeah right, huh?

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