Monday, October 5, 2009

Concentration problems

I am totally ADD when it comes to creating. Some days, I get a headache from trying to decide what to work on first. I have a bazillion different projects floating in my head. I am having a hard time concentrating today, and know I need to start on something. A painting? A digital collage from some drawings I did this weekend? A wooden sculpture sitting in my kitchen? Should I keep playing with Photoshop to learn more stuff? I swear, there are days when my mind feels like it is standing on a busy street somewhere in downtown New York, with everything rushing past...not knowing which direction to go in.
Then, there are the other distractions that come with working at home. Food is a big one. The internet another. My two adorable kitties who are impossible to ignore. Phone calls. Thoughts of other things I need to get done. There's always cleaning, laundry, and cooking that needs attending too. Is this a common thing for artists? I feel like I may not get as much done/made compared to others and I wish I could just focus. Any suggestions you can offer as to what you do when you feel like this?
Well, I hope everyone had a super weekend. We stayed in, listened to a conference from our church that was broadcast online, watched some movies, and ate too much. LOL Talk with you soon!

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