Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'm a bad girl

...when it comes to blogging lately. I remember when I used to do it pretty much every day. I've still be dealing with car repairs, car rental, phone calls, house work, and church activities this week and feel like I haven't gotten any art done. I have been trying to do some of the painted beads I used to make. I needed a little change. I have a 3 panel painting in the works, but haven't been able to dive in yet, because of all the car craziness. Boy, I wish Progressive could reimburse me for time lost due to this mess. Our car won't be done until next Wednesday, and I am driving a rental until then. I am grateful the driver who hit my husband had insurance and that it is all being taken care of though. Everyone is fine, and no one got hurt. Glad for that too. Well, I gotta drag myself away, and get back to painting some ceramic beads. Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am (hopefully) headed to a bead show in Orlando tomorrow. Yay!


Brandon and Cari (Sellers) Murdock said...

i hope y'all get the car back on time. so glad to hear rob didn't get injured! call me when you have some time.

Lori said...

Will do. I will have time this week. Rob has some offices in Orlando to check out again. I LOVED your pumpkins!