Friday, January 8, 2010

The fastest week EVER!

I don't know where the week went, and what I did with it! I feel like I didn't get much accomplished this week. I did finish up 3 new graphic illustrations to add to my Etsy store, but it is so late right now, that I am nearly falling asleep on the keyboard. I will do my best to post them this weekend. I'll share them with you here too.
Yesterday, I spent 3 hrs. getting my computer up and working after something crashed my virus protection, then my husband came home for a long lunch, and right when I was finally going to sit down and get some work done....a lost dog showed up in our backyard. I went out front, and he was running around in the street. He was a little Yorkie, and when I called him, I saw he had a tag. Long story short, I met a lot of new neighbors, and though the address on the tag was wrong, the phone number was right. The owners were reunited with their fur-kid. The gentleman does car detailing, and as thanks for taking the time to find them, he offered to detail and shampoo my car today. It was long over due and I was so grateful for the service. He did a wonderful job, and his girlfriend works at a local I may try her the next time I need my hair done.
Tomorrow, I have another eye appointment in the morning. It will be my 3rd or 4th one. I am starting to lose count! Hopefully they will be even more healed.
Well, have a wonderful weekend. I hope everyone stays safe and warm!

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