Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My first portrait painting experience...

I just wasn't in the mood to paint today. I am trying to get myself motivated to start the last painting in my Alice in Wonderland series...The Mad Hatter. The problem? I haven't painted a man since 6th grade. It was my first ever "portrait" and is the reason why I was terrified to start painting actual faces again until last year. I was placed in a gifted and talented program in 6th grade, whisked away from school for a day, and instructed to paint Patrick Swayze in oils. What I walked away with was a "being" with Popeye arms, a mullet, and really long eyelashes. It looked like a She-Man. My mother kept it in a closet for years and every once in a while, we would pull it out and laugh hysterically. I am comfortable with painting female faces now, but I fear my Mad Hatter will end up looking like a transvestite!
So, instead of painting today, I finished one of my New Year's resolutions...to revamp my website again. I'd love it if you take a look! It looks so much happier! I expanded my gallery, changed the template, and I feel it is more in sync with the style of my work. You can visit my website here: http://www.artworkbylori.com