Monday, January 25, 2010

Sometimes I just hate coming up with titles for my posts. There, that's my title.

Monday has arrived, and a fresh week has started. I think my muse has finally returned, as I am once again in the mood to paint. I took a week off while I nursed a sore index finger (which flared up after my last painting) and was generally in a yucky mood. I let out a primal scream in my car today with the windows up, and I think I screamed the yuck away. LOL
I am contemplating putting some of my original paintings on Ebay again, starting tonight. Ebay is so many things to think about when listing. You have to make a fancy listing, make sure you use the right categories to get the best exposure, and then you have to really think about other people's daily habits. For example, if a show like American Idol or Lost is on, I will not end an auction on that night. Like me, there are a lot of other TV show addicts out there. We all have our favorites. So, I'm thinking Monday would be a good night.
Well, on that note, I better scarf some lunch down (it's already after 2pm) and get to work. Before I know it, the day will be over.
Hope everyone makes it through their manic Monday!

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