Monday, January 4, 2010

Lydia Muell of Ashton Jewels

I will be featuring a few ladies here on my blog, and the first one is Lydia Muell of Ashton Jewels. She makes some of the most gorgeous handmade glass lampwork beads and also incorporates them into jewelry. I've admired her work for some time now. Here's a little about her:
"When I began playing with glass in 2005, it was not with the idea that I would become a career lampworker. Rather, it was to be a stepping stone to larger work. Glassblowing was my mission back in those days and I thought lampworking would be the gateway obsession that would eventually deliver me into the moderate sized hot shop that I so desired. I wanted to make functional art glass pieces like candle holders, huge glass beads that could be used as drapery finials, blown glass spice jars for Tuscan style kitchens. . .I had to crawl before I could walk and somehow I found myself on an unexpected path.

Today, I am a career lampwork beadmaker who takes each day as it comes, rarely questioning tomorrow. Today provides the same challenge as yesterday and tomorrow will provide the same challenge as today. . .Evolving my skill at the torch, searching my soul for the inspiration that always seems to be communicated with strong classical influence."

Please visit her website to see more of her gorgeous work!


Alicia said...

Lydia does do some gorgeous work!

Cristi - 2 If By Sea said...

Those beads!!! Oh my, they are gorgeous! Wow! Thanks for sharing with us.

rosebud101 said...

Isn't Lydia's work amazing!!!! I'd die a happy woman if I could make beads like that.