Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to normal life...

Hey everyone! Hope your long weekend was a nice one. I got a lot of jewelry made and stayed up pretty late since Rob is out of town. He comes home today from some interviews in Orlando. I haven't stayed up till 3 am since college. I ate ice cream for supper yesterday. I went through an old yearbook and read old letters. I giggled to myself and enjoyed my alone time. I think it is important to be able to do that.
Anywhoo, I have 2 more auctions ending Wed. night on Ebay, my angel painting ends this coming Sunday, and then there will be a break in auctions. I am headed to visit my family in Wisconsin in early June, so I will go silent for a while.
Hope everyone has a good week and thanks for stopping in!

1 comment:

funky bag freak said...

Beautiful as always! I love the "Fly" picture. I describes how I feel lately.

Thank you for your sweet comment and prayers. I really appreciate it.