Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All done!

I finally finished The Host last night. I really enjoyed it, and look forward to more of Stephanie Meyer's books. I am trying to get Rob to read it, but he is always in the middle of about 4 books at once, so that may not happen.

I still haven't sent out my Christmas cards yet, but at least went and bought them at Target tonight. I am going to force myself to stay up and get them done tonight. No one sends out cards on Rob's side of the family, so I don't have a huge amount to send at least. I think I don't like to do all the writing because I am usually working with my hands most of the day and it hurts to write sometimes. I have been doing more wire work pieces of jewelry lately, and my two index fingers are starting to look pretty hideous.

I will try to post pics of my new jewelry tomorrow. We are headed for Orlando on Friday morning and will be looking at a dental office for sale there, and checking out the suburbs. I am going to a wholesale bead show also. I haven't been to this one before, so I am hoping it will be a nice one. I haven't been to one in ages. Well, have a good night, and thanks for stopping by. Hope everyone is well!

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