Monday, December 15, 2008

You know you're getting old when...

you need a vacation after your vacation! We had a busy weekend in Orlando, and a very enjoyable time. We visited a dental practice on Friday, then looked at some suburbs. I went to what turned out to be a very boring bead show (though I did find some goodies) , then checked into our hotel. Unfortunately, I don't usually sleep well in hotels, and this was again the case. I was practically a zombie Sat. morning. That changed when we went to Universal Studios. We rode all the rides with the exception of one. Mainly because I crashed around 3 pm and wanted to just go to bed. Our favorite ride was The Revenge of the Mummy. We didn't realize it was like a roller coaster, and we screamed ourselves silly. The Simpsons ride was fun too. We ate at too many buffets, and I think I had my year's worth of bacon in one weekend. I will post a few pics tomorrow. Nothing too exciting, as you aren't allowed to take pics while on the rides. Christmas is coming soooo fast! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. I will check back in tomorrow. ~ Lori

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