Saturday, December 6, 2008

I finally saw the Twilight movie tonight....

It actually came out the night before I was supposed to fly to my parents, and I didn't want to go then because I was too busy packing and cleaning the house. Rob was a doll and went with me. He kept checking his watch and asking questions. I could tell he was totally bored. It wasn't the best movie I have seen, but I really liked seeing the characters come to life. Like many other readers, after reading the books, it seems in your mind like these people actually exist. You sort of WANT them to. I tried explaining the whole "Edward" mania thing to my husband who was telling me a 30 something married coworker had read the first book 6 times. I told him, that the books are so loved by women because Edward somehow encompasses the perfect man from a woman's point of view. I then told him that if men would read the books and take some lessons from them, they would get along a LOT better with the ladies. LOL!
We both agreed that Robert Pattinson's acting was great, but weren't really happy with Kristen Stewart's acting. I really wanted to focus on the movie, but needed to go to the bathroom about half way through, and didn't want to miss anything. When Edward jumped onto the side of her moving truck, I almost peed myself. I am such a dork. Rob kept saying, " Just go to the bathroom! You already know what happens." But I couldn't do it. I might miss something.
I will look forward to the sequels. I also liked Robert Pattinson's music in the film. Right now I am half way through The Host by Stephanie Meyer and while it was a bit slow in the beginning, I am now enthralled in it. Keep in mind that I don't like reading. I would usually rather be making something with my hands. Stephanie, thanks for making reading enjoyable again for someone who gave up on it a long time ago. And thanks for keeping things clean, if you know what I mean.

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