Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hope everyone has a nice New Year's and stays safe. We are headed out to dinner, and might catch some early fireworks up the road in our housing development.
Have you made any resolutions?
I most definitely plan to lose 10-15 pounds that I gained this year. So far I have managed to go without a chocolate bar for a week, and have had salads every day for lunch. I stopped drinking juice. I am allowing myself dessert only on Saturdays when we go out to eat.
I want to spend time finding ways to better advertise my jewelry and increase my metal working skills.
I need to force myself to paint again. I have gotten really down about it, and am actually scared to pick up a brush. I have a closet full of empty canvases. They are sad and lonely in there.
Here's to 2009! Let's hope a lot of things improve in the lives of every one!

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