Friday, September 19, 2008

How many times have you called 911?

In most of the places I have lived, you still have to call 911 even for non-emergency things like wandering animals. I had to call in again this morning on the way home from visiting teaching someone from church. I had a male pit bull (who also happened to not be neutered) and a cute Chihuahua mix run out in front of my car. They both had tags, so they belonged to someone. I pulled over and they came up to the car. You could tell they were buddies. I would have called their owners had it not been for the pit bull. The chihuahua looked harmless. So, I called the police and gave their descriptions and location while they rolled in someones trash. This is one of the reasons I don't like to go for walks by myself anymore. I worry someone's large dog (Florida is brimming with pit bulls) will maul me. There are too many irresponsible pet owners out there.
After I called the cops, I noticed that the oil light had come on in the car I was driving (Rob's car that has given us nothing but trouble since we got it) and luckily I made it home. I already spent a lot of money and time dealing with the tires on the other car this week. Our mechanic is about 30 minutes away, so I have no idea if it is safe to drive over there. Man, if SUV's are called gas guzzlers, they should call Dodge Neons money guzzlers. We have put more money into that car than the purchase price. All the seals leaked last year and Rob's car smelled like the worst funk for a long time. I had to caulk all the windows on the car. It has always had oil problems. It is always leaking out of somewhere. The steering wheel is always crooked and the car shakes like it is about to fall apart if you drive over 65 mph.
So, it looks like a wonderful start to the weekend. I planned on finally working on some jewelry today, but now I am in an awful mood. Hope everyone's day is going better than mine.

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