Sunday, September 21, 2008

Look out! Monday's around the corner waiting to pounce!

I am hitting the sack early tonight. I usually stay up until at least 11 and surf Etsy, catch up on blogs, and read the news. Tomorrow is going to be a bit more action packed than this gal likes, so I will need all the energy I can get. It will be a "How many errands can we cram into one day" kinda day. A traveling mechanic came to the house today after church and took a look at the Neon. He thinks it isn't the pump at is the oil light/switch. He said if it had been the pump, I would have fried the engine driving home the other day. The engine revs just fine. So, he made a list of the product and a funny little drawing of what I need to go get at Auto Zone, and he will install it. That is just one of the things to do. I sure hope this guy knows what he is doing. Rob really wanted a second opinion. So, if this works, we won't have to get a new car just yet, but we will probably need to in the not so distant future. I refuse to drive that thing. It scares me.
I am working on some jewelry pieces, but it honestly has been so crazy that I haven't been able to finish them. Everyday I plan to, and everyday something else sneaks in and takes up my "creative time."
I found my dream job in the paper today. Ah....if only I had gone to school to be a writer, I might actually have a chance. Other than blogging, I have no experience. The local newspaper is looking for a food critic to write for their paper and online reports. Rob and I always joke around that the perfect job would be a food critic. We LOVE going out to eat, and always make note of different things about each restaurant. We have been attempting to go to different restaurants in the area since we got here...although we do sometimes get sidetracked by our favorites. I will pretty much drop everything to go to Olive Garden. We also finally found a Chinese restaurant just down the road that fills my never ending craving for Happy Family Lo Mein. They give you such HUGE portions, that I always have lunch for the next day. Amazingly, it tastes even better on day two!
Well, hope everyone has a great week....I will check back in when my colossal list of to do's is done.

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