Thursday, September 4, 2008

I have Goth toes....

So...yesterday I bought this nail polish that said Mocha Brown on the bottle. Under the lights in Target, it appeared to be a dark brown, like I wanted. I bought it and put it on yesterday, and after two coats, I now have "Goth toes." Rather than looking brown, it looks like I am wearing black nail polish. I know that is all the "rage" with the teens right now, and I have avoided it like the plague. Now, I am too lazy and/or busy to take it off, so it looks like I will have this look for at least a week. If by some accident, I die during this time, I ask that someone PLEASE fix it. I wouldn't want to be buried with black toe nails.
I had a good time playing volleyball with the teenage youth at church last night. They have a tournament coming up in a few weeks, and didn't have very many people there to practice, so I hopped in and joined a side. I haven't played volley ball for a very long time. I was surprised that I actually hadn't forgotten how to serve the ball, and managed to score a few points for the team. The funny thing is that I don't really remember most of the rules, and could never concentrate on playing AND keeping score.
We have yet another hurricane that may be headed our way. We have been spared the last two, so we are lucky. Now Ike is plowing across the ocean and is gaining strength. I told Rob this morning that we need to be prepared to get the heck out of here this time if it comes. It is already a catagory 4. Not good.
Well, I have to make yet another trip to Office Max. Take care everyone, and stay safe!

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