Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reoccuring dreams....

For some odd reason, lately I keep having that I have to go back to college and stay in a dorm. I had it again last night, and my dorm was filthy, and I had forgotten to sign up for any financial aid. I had no books, no bed, nothing. They usually end with me realizing that I have my cats with me, and I can't have them there. Silly, huh?

I finished some new jewelry pieces and I had hoped to get some photos taken to share with you, but yesterday it started raining when I went outside to take pics, then my battery went dead. Today, it has rained most of the day, and has been so windy that a few of the trees in the neighborhood actually blew over. I had to get out of my car and remove a large piece of palm tree bark (about 4 ft long) to even get out of our housing edition. Not good picture taking weather. Hopefully I will be able to do so tomorrow.

I had to laugh when I went to the new "10 minute oils change" down the road with the Civic today. If you have ever been to South Florida or lived here, you will totally get where I am coming from. My 10 minute oil change turned into a 30 minute one (which is still short at least). You see, the odd thing about South Florida (and maybe the whole state) is that when it comes to customer service, everything is S...L...O...W. When it comes to driving however, everyone is FAST. My neighbor (who is from Wisconsin) said she was flipped off by an 80 yr. old man last week because she didn't immediately take off when the light turned green. She followed him into the Home Depot parking lot and asked him why. She then told him he should be ashamed of himself. She said he acted very embarrassed and quickly left the scene. I have been flipped off by an old man too, and I did nothing to warrant that. I shook my head like I was ashamed of him and his wife hid her face. Glad I'm not married to that guy!

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