Saturday, September 20, 2008

Why did we leave the house today?

So, the saga with our crappy Neon continues. Rob took it into our mechanic (who is on Sat, squeezed us in, and only charged $10 to look at it). He said we need a new oil pump, and since that costs $425 or more, he suggested to Rob that maybe it was time to just get rid of the car and get a new one. Not exactly an expense we were planning on. Business has been slow at Rob's dental office because of the economy, and my sales have slowed too. So, then, we got the bill for my skin surgeries from this summer, which was a whopping $930. Yikes. My insurance stinks. So, we head out to eat at our favorite Indian food restaurant, and while we are there, Rob leaves his wallet in the booth, and by the time we go back to check, the owner swears no one there saw it. We know for sure he lost it there, so either some people after us found it and kept it, or the owner or his employees are not being honest. Rob lost all his keys, his cards, and driver's license. We canceled the cards and there were no charges on them. We decided on the way home that maybe we should just stay at home on Saturdays. We always seem to have bad luck. Anyone got a nice used car for sale?


molly and geoff archibald said...

oh yuck...i'm sorry you guys are having all this bad stuff happen at once. i bet the person who stole rob's wallet was a neon-driving,skin surgery-insurance-billing, lack of good jewelry or good dental work owning good for nothing!!! i hate those guys. grrrr.

Kitties & Cupcakes said...

You forgot to add "...from New York." Trust me, if you lived down here, you would know why! LOL! Rob has some guy from Craigslist over looking at the car right now to see if he can get it fixed for cheaper than we were quoted. Your new baby is adorable! Congrats!