Sunday, September 28, 2008

Slip Sliding Away...

Heck, after today, I don't know if this clutz should even THINK about riding a bike. Today was an off day. We all have those. You know...the kind where you just should have stayed in bed. I got 7 hours of sleep last night, but as is the case with my strange undiagnosed fatigue, I was still really tired when I woke up. I felt groggy on the way to church and then got really upset when I saw some cops cleaning up road kill and realized they were kittens. By the time I was to church, I was already holding back tears. I was listening to my Paul Simon CD, and the song "Slip Slidin' Away" was playing as I turned the car off. I slung my purse over my shoulder, picked up my scriptures, and stepped out of the car. I don't really know what happened next, but somehow, I just fell. I was parked next to the curb and sidewalk on the driver's side, so I hit the pavement first, then landed in the grass. I landed on my knee, which was all scraped up and bleeding. Someone pulling into the parking lot immediately asked if I was okay. Then the tears came. I got bandaged up when I went inside and stayed until church was over. It wasn't till I turned on my car that I heard what had been playing right before I had stepped out of the car and fell. I busted out laughing. I needed a good laugh. So, after eating lunch I went back to bed for a long nap in hopes I would be less "out of it" when I woke up. I hope everyone has a safe week. I will pay more attention to where my feet are going tomorrow!

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